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Wallkit helps publishers control and monetize audience access to editorial content, newsletters, events plus advertising.

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What Is Wallkit?

Wallkit is an advanced gateway platform that helps publishers monetize key segments of their audience with tailored content offerings.

As a publisher, you’ll keep monetizing your core audience without impacting traditional revenue streams!

  • Paywall Any Content

    Our solution gates the content you want to keep private - whether that’s video, text, PDFs, email newsletters or even links!

  • Event Ticket Sales

    Make sales through the Wallkit Events app to keep all subscriber and behavioral data in one location

  • Perfect Payments

    We can charge for access by the minute, by the day, by the click, by the download

  • Corporate Subs

    Wallkit is designed for multi-user access from single corporations. It also has powerful tools for a publisher’s account management team

  • Subs-Ticket Bundles

    Paid subscriptions can be sold with ticket sales and event buyers can buy subscriptions

  • Simple Sign On

    Our Reader.ID service provides OAuth sign on with Google & Microsoft login credentials - and more

  • Newsletter Sign-Up

    Wallkit manages EMS like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor and the newsletters different audiences receive

  • Behavioral Data

    Wallkit syncs with pipeline and analysis platforms like Segment and Variance to help teams understand who’s doing what on their sites - and when

  • Mighty Security

    We use Google's Firebase & Datastore to protect user data and manage it effectively

  • Plug & Play

    Wallkit comes with off-the-shelf templates for email correspondence and pop-up modals

Membership & CRM
  • Plug & Play

    Publishers quickly start collecting subscription fees on a cloud-based system

  • CRM-First

    A revenue-generating system that can be left to run itself or a tool that can be leveraged by an account team to maximize sales

  • Story Pass

    The networked system allows readers to access content across media titles and even publishers — and publishers to earn revenue from other content owners

  • Success-Based

    After set-up, Wallkit shares your sales success by charging fees only when you charge your subscribers

Flexible Paywall

WK is a flexible “leaky” paywall – avoiding the annoyance of hard paywalls.

  • Restrict user access

    Restrict user access by number of content views, time or type. Eg.:
    - 30 articles per month or 3 articles per week
    - Unlimited access for 30 days
    - Only access content tagged or related to "business"

  • Easy membership plan creation

    Create unlimited plans and their own set of rules.

  • Promotions & offers

    Generate promotional membership invites for prospects and limited-time promotional/discount codes.

  • Create trial plans

    Create a new sales funnel by leveraging trial functionality.

Integrate with anything

Wallkit is completely API based – giving you the option to let your development team handle integration, or outsource it to WK developers.

Wallkit supports an array of CMS, payment and software, including WordPress, HubSpot, Streak, MailChimp, Stripe, Slack and Braintree.

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PSFK uses Wallkit to manage every aspect of the membership to its business intelligence platform
Piers Fawkes
Founder and editor-in-chief of PSFK
Wallkit was founded out of the need for a more flexible system for PSFK.com – something existing platforms could not provide.
Piers Fawkes
Founder and editor-in-chief of PSFK

Get started now.

No monthly fee
15% transaction fee
  • Free up to 500 Registered Readers
    ($10.00 per 2,000 signups after that)
  • Simple Sign-On functionality
  • Google Firebase Authentication (Supports Google / Apple / Facebook / Amazon sign-in)
  • Newsletter lists integration (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor)
  • Customizable email and pop-up templates
  • E-mail channel support
  • Subscriber analytics
2.9% transaction fee
Includes Starter features plus:
  • 50,000 signups
    ($10.00 per 2,000 signups after that)
  • Paywall functionality
  • Discount codes, Trial plans
  • Corporate subscriptions
  • Fully branded emails from your @domain
  • Connect Stripe, Hubspot, Segment
  • Phone / Asana / Slack Support
2.9% transaction fee
Includes Standard features plus:
  • 100,000 signups
    ($10.00 per 2,000 signups after that)
  • Event ticket sales functionality
  • Turnkey integration, assistance & consulting
  • Multiple websites / mobile apps
  • Connect and integrate with any 3rd party
  • Customizable email and pop-up templates

  • 10 hours of onboarding & consulting time included monthly
    Optional: +10 hrs at +$500/mo cost
    $70 per hour after that.
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